Top 5 Must have Joomla Extensions

Joomla is one of the best and most popular content management system with vast number of extensions available and massive community, and any website can be built with the Joomla CMS. Well, most of the bloggers are forced to use WordPress, but none of them will try out Joomla for sure. But, they aren’t aware of the power and flexibility that the Joomla CMS offers for the web masters. Most of the Web Site developers tend to choose Joomla instead of relying on plain platform which helps them in SEO as well as quick designing.

Well, its regardless whether we use Joomla or not, since our prime choice is going to be choosing the best and reliable web hosting solutions. There are wide range of extensions, plug-ins, modules, and templates obtainable for joomla users. Here are the top 5 Joomla extensions.

# 5 Easy Blog 

It is the best extension if you have vast community-driven travel blogs website, news portal, or business directory; this particular Joomla extension will help you to generate stunning content and can be uploaded to the site within few minutes.

#4 Sobi2

Sobi2 is a Joomla extension built for powering the directorial, to create weblinks, directory, gallery, mapping, and listing the user submission type websites.

#3 hwdMediashare

hwdMediashare is a opensource GPL extension to upload video gallery  and image galleries to the websites. You can also setup HD video site like youtube, vimeo etc within few minutes. Apart from this, the developing team takes care of releasing the appropriate mighty builds for this particular component to ensure current video streaming experience for your website users.

#2 JomSocial

JomSocial can be placed at second position and it is one of the best extensions with respect to Joomla CMS, if you want a complete social networking/ community site within minutes, Jomsocial is an ideal CMS. Clean structure / layout and infinite specific extensions boost up the usability.

#1 MightyResources

MightyResources can be listed at number 1 and it is the best Joomla CMS extension. The usability can be expanded by the user; it doesn’t matter if you have the directory, blog, portfolio, image gallery, jobs site, video gallery, community, or a daily seal website.

There are very few Joomla extensions for website owners to design their websites to be more appealing and attractive. There are more than 4000 extensions, choose the ultimate extensions that fulfill your needs and help you in achieving goals. But as a beginner, you better choose the extension that is user friendly and suffices all your requirements.



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